Tradoq has been providing professional translation services to companies since 2001
Professional translations

Affordable high-quality translations since 2001

Based in Brussels, the beating heart of the European Union, Tradoq has been providing professional translations to companies at home and abroad for 20 years now. Through our global network, we can help you with more than 50 language pairs in almost any subject field.

These are our 6 commitments (against which you can judge us):

1. Affordable rates

We strive for affordable translation rates without compromising on quality. We can do that by keeping it simple and to the point. We do not incur any budget-consuming operating costs, so that all our time and energy can be spent on the translation itself. In short, what you see is what you get: a simple but high-quality translation service.

2. Professional translators

Each and every one of our translators is a certified language expert specialised in one or more areas of expertise (ICT, technical, marketing, business, government, education, tourism, law, science, real estate, human resources, …).

3. Native-speaking translators

Our translators have a thorough knowledge of the source language but translate exclusively to their native language, since we all do our best writing in our own language.

4. Deliveries always on time

The delivery date is always agreed upon together with the client. Up till today, we have never missed a single deadline, something we’re secretly rather proud of.

5. 100% confidentiality

We will never at any time share your data or files with third parties. Moreover, we comply with the European GDPR standard, as does every translator who works for us. Please read our privacy notice.

6. 100% transparency

We have nothing to hide. We quote you a price per word and the total amount on the translation quote will be the exact amount you are invoiced at the end of the translation process. It’s that simple.